Fantasie in argento

Dibi spa has always been inspired by the goldsmith tradition of the renowned area to which it belongs, i.e. the Vicenza-Bassano area, one of the largest goldsmith districts in the world. Quality, elegance and precision come together in the creation of silver chains made by expert and skilled hands. Dibi spa produces its Collections of chains in different models, shapes, sizes and galvanic colors.
Using different processing methods, Dibi spa manages to position itself at the highest levels of the ranking of chain manufacturers, taking advantage of several international patents and standing out for the high quality standards and value it offers.

The GOLD line offers customers technically advanced and refined articles resulting from the symbiosis between goldsmith tradition and industrial production.
The company keeps creating new models, at the cutting-edge of design and outside the framework of conventional products. Dibi Spa produces all its models in 8-9-10-14-18-21-22 carats and with yellow, white and rosé alloy.


The TESSUTO is the flagship production of Dibi spa, a blend of craftsmanship and elegance coming together to create a product that has stood out for more than 15 years for its uniqueness and “timeless” beauty.