DiBi was established thirty years ago and specialized in the production of gold and silver chains. Since the beginning DiBi aimed at reaching the height of the field through the technological innovation and the quality of the product and service.

The growth of the company has surely been supported by the particular environmental context in which DiBi started operating, that is North East Italy and in particular, the area of Vicenza and Bassano, which is the most important goldsmith’s district in the world.

Different reasons have always been at the base of DiBi’s success: the capacity to combine creativity and business strategies, the old skill and the modern know how, the taste of the hand made and the unique item, as well as the industrial perfection.

Nowadays DiBi represents one of the greatest and most dynamic realities of the made in Italy gold and silverware.

Flexibility and ever-updated technologies have encouraged the development of a wide and various range of items, which can satisfy the needs of different markets and promote the export all over the world.

Gold and silver have always communicated tradition, the pleasure of beauty, joie de vivre and the will to dream, they inspire emotions and feelings, they heighten elegance, refinement and charm.

Vicenza region has been always renown in the world for the tradition of gold working that dates from the fourteenth century. We have the first mention of Vicenza goldsmith’s association in the town council statute of the 1339. In 1776 Bassano goldsmiths give life to a self-governing association and from that moment they specialize in the production of gold chains.

Nowadays the gold production system in Vicenza region represents the highest specialized concentration in the world, with an induced activity that comprehends either technical support sectors (instrument mechanics, moulds, galvanics, etc.), and services (transport and specialized carriers, security systems, etc.). In all Vicenza region there are almost 800 gold companies with above 10.000 employees.

The brightness, the facility in manufacturing, the virtual immortality have given gold the chance to carve out a special place in the history of humanity for ages. Nowadays DiBi is heir and promoter of the tradition of gold working in Italy and throughout the world.